There’s A Sucker Born Again Every Minute – Rev JIM BAKKER

                                     JIM BAKKER  LIVES  ! !

     Not quite a year ago, while late night channel surfing, I made a startling discovery.

     Jim Bakker, the former Mr. Tammy Faye Bakker, was out of prison and he was back in the “ love offering business ”.


  1. Ordained a minister in the Assembly of God Church – 1964
  2. Joined Pat Robertson at CBN – 1966
  3. Took control of the “700 Club” television “ministry” – 1974
  4.  Accepted love offerings from Jessica Hahn at various motels – 1980

( While conducting a homosexual affair with a CBN staffer. )

5.   Started selling “Lifetime Partnerships” in a resort hotel/Christian  theme park  called “Heritage  USA”….at $1,000- per……1983 ( The      hotel was never built )

6.   Forced out of CBN-PTL amid  accusations of possible wrong doing – 1987.

7.   Indicted for fraud & conspiracy to commit fraud  – December 1988

8.   Convicted with CBN sidekick Richard Dortsch –  45 yr sentence      October 1989.

9.    Paroled  July 1994.

      Well, apparently the Lord forgave  Jim for scamming his Heritage USA “Partners” out more than $ 3 Million bucks, and led him to something called TCT Television where he now broadcasts a nightly   TV show from a resort complex in Branson, Missouri….”The Jim Bakker Show”. He preaches, and sells, in front of smiling Christian believers that sit around at café style tables, and who adoringly applaud his every word.

      Bakker is selling “the end days”  in which one cataclysm after another is about to fall on us. Last night he assured us that 2011 was going to be the worst year in the history of the US. We’re goin down !

      God has been talking directly to Jimmy.

      He saw the scenes of mayhem in the streets that were  9-11. God showed him those scenes fully a year before they happened. He actually said that.

      We can survive the year ahead,  if we send Jimmy love offerings in varying amounts, for various survival products.

      For example…..a love offering of $3,000- brings us a SEVEN YEAR supply of dehydrated food. It comes in a huge pyramid of plastic buckets, like the ones drywall installers use. If you don’t have $3k in the kitty,  for a love offering of $500- you get a one year supply of powdered food that has a shelf life of 20 years. Oh yes….that’s per person.

      Bakker, and his new wife,  Lori Graham Bakker, are offering what looks like a small,  one kid size,  trampoline they are calling the “Rebounder”. They assure us that using the Rebounder will greatly reduce the risk of cancer.  It comes to you in return for a love offering of $100-.

      It just goes on, and on.

      What are two things that the Lord hates more than anything else ?

      Homosexuality is an abomination, and abortion is murder.

      Jim Bakker has admitted homosexual affairs, and his new bride, according to her Google bio had 5 abortions, before she found the Lord.

      This DIRT-BAG deserves all the scorn I can muster, but what’s the point ?

       It seems to me that any parole he received should have included a prohibition against any hint of television evangelism. Some how Rev. Jimmy Bakker ought to be scooped up off TCT television, and made to serve the 40 year balance of his prison term.

       Keep him away from those pathetic suckers that applaud his broadcast antics, and write those foolish checks known as tax-free love offerings.

         Madness has a face.

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2 Responses to There’s A Sucker Born Again Every Minute – Rev JIM BAKKER

  1. fish wilson says:

    i agree with you a 110%, he, went to the same club fed that rev jesse jackson,s son is going to, isnt that special. i knew when i heard he was out an chose the area i live in, that wouldnt be long before he started his scamming again. i was right. he got hooked up with a lot of the stars down there and side show bob them in to believing his dream, guess what he,s back tryin to restore the old heratage place now too. hmmm interesting. i watch his show on my day off, jus to keep up up with his used car sales junk.i find it interesting that in his show, the only talk about the bible is about the end( that lasts about 5 min) then on to sell something else. all the religion shows i see thats all they do is sing an talk about the bible. but not slick jimmy.he,s a scam plain an simple, anyone that gives this guy money is an idiot………fish

  2. Cindy jantz says:

    I Totally agree. I called his scam ministry on countless occasions, researching his phone responders (using appropriate Scripture) to Repent, (have a Change of heart, and mind, and Go in a New Direction) but to no avail. Jim Baker is like the serpent in the Garden of Eden, twisting and perverting the Truth of God’s holy and Perfect Word for his own personal gain making merchandise of those who are weak in the Faith through their own ignorance of God’s Word.

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